General Construction

Scirpps Encinitas 2

Jauregui & Culver, Inc. is renowned for award winning general construction including professional designing, permit procurement, and complete constructions plans.

    •  Full Gas Station Installation & Upgrades
    • Mini Mart, “C-Store”
    • Fueling Systems
    • Car Wash Installations
    • UST Removal, Replacement, & Installation
    • AST Removal, Replacement, & Installation
    • Contaminated Soil Excavation/Removal
    • Fuel Station Re-Pipe
    • New Dispenser Installation
    • UST/AST Design, Permit Procurement, Plans & Installation
    • Marine/Dock Fuel Systems
    • Remediation, Contaminated Soil Removal
    • General Installations

If you have construction project that is not listed, please call us at (760) 743-0518 or e-mail us with further inquiries.