Pala Mini Mart Re-Pipe

Jauregui & Culver, Inc. replaced the fuel piping for the Pala Mini-Mart.  We phased the work so that at least one row of dispensers was operational during construction.  We purged the fuel in the existing below ground piping back into the underground storage tanks (USTs) with pressurized nitrogen.  The existing piping was abandoned in place after the fuel was removed.

We sawcut and removed the existing concrete and asphalt surfaces between the USTs and the dispensers as needed for the installation of the double wall fiber glass piping.  We dug pipe trenches and gravel bedding materials required by the pipe manufacturer and to meet industry standards.

We performed pressure tests to all the new piping per industry standards.  We purged the fuel into the new piping system and tested for proper operation, calibrated the dispensers, and replaced all dispenser fuel filters.